There is well established evidence to support the effectiveness of physiotherapy in the management of cervicogenic (neck related) headaches. Is is often everyday activities such as poor posture, prolonged sitting and increased phone or computer use, that can irritate the joints and muscles in the upper neck. The joints can also be injured by traumatic events such as a sports injury or motor vehicle tension, spasm, and joint stiffness can irritate the nerves that travel from the upper neck into the head and face causing headaches. Following a thorough assessment your physiotherapist will be able to determine whether your headache is likely to be coming from the neck.

How Physiotherapy can help?

Our Physiotherapists will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan including, advice on posture and lifestyle adjustments, a structured exercise program and discuss how to optimise your work or study space. We use a range of manual therapy techniques that help to relieve muscular tension, restore movement and help maintain good posture.

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