Clinical Rehab / Pilates classes

Clinical exercise classes (Floor pilates)
  • Clinical Exercise Classes is a group exercise session led by a Physiotherapist & Clinical Pilates instructor that is completed on a yoga mat. It utilises equipment such as the Pilates circle, resistance bands and weighted items.
  • Clinical Exercise Classes are performed in a controlled and precise manner that target the muscles of the pelvis, trunk, abdomen, scapula and neck. The main fitness goals include improved flexibility, postural awareness and control, increased muscle tone, reduced injury risk, as well as being a great way to recover from pregnancy and injury.
  • The exercises have a series of levels so Clinical Exercise Classes can accommodate the complete novice to the advanced participant within the same session.
  • Clinical Exercise Classes provide a safe exercise environment in a group setting.
Clinical rehab (Clinical pilates)
  • Clinical rehabilitation is a unique form of exercise incorporating the Pilates method, strength & conditioning principles and Physiotherapy expertise.
  • We offer one on one services as well as group sessions with a maximum of four participants.  All sessions are guided and supervised by a Physiotherapist.
  • Exercises will utilise a combination of the equipment we have in our clinics, from the Pilates reformer and trapeze table to simple gym equipment.
  • Clinical Rehabilitation programs are individually tailored depending on your needs, goals and current level of function and cater to a wide range of presentations, from post-operative rehabilitation to sport specific strength & conditioning.
  • Clinical rehabilitation provides a safe environment to exercise after injury and will progress as you regain your strength and confidence.
  • Private health insurance rebate available.
Water exercise (Hydrotherapy)
  • Hydrotherapy is water based exercise has been around for centuries dating back to the ancient Greeks. Today it is run by our Physiotherapists to aid in the rehabilitation and management of injuries and pain.
  • Hydrotherapy uses the buoyancy properties of water and the therapeutic effects of beat to provide a comfortable yet challenging environment to exercise in.
  • Hydrotherapy has been shown to provide benefit in reducing pain and improve function and independence, improve joint mobility, strength and balance.
  • Hydrotherapy has assist anyone with any musculoskeletal injury. It’s is helpful for post surgical rehab, fractures, joint replacements, rheumatic conditions, chronic back pain. It can be particularly helpful when multiple injuries have occurred such as  rehab following motor vehicle accidents or workplace injuries and improve general fitness.
  • Our Physiotherapists will tailor and progress your hydrotherapy exercise program to your needs and goals.

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