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Cricket season is underway

Symmetry Physio - Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The sun is out which means the start of Cricket Season. 

Cricket Injuries

Football season and winter is over, so we now start thinking about summer. With summer comes cricket. Cricket participation is growing at both a social and semi-professional level and as with all sports, there is a risk of injury.

Studies show that adult cricketers are more likely to sustain an injury in the first two months of the season, with injuries predominantly happening during matches. While junior players are more likely to become injured in 1-day matches or practice throughout the entire season.

On average, around 9% of cricketers have an injury at any given time, with this being significantly higher in fast bowlers.

Cricketers suffer a range of different injuries but some of the most common include:

Hamstring Strains

  • Often occur under high force acceleration or deceleration. This is usually when bending to field a ball, or sprinting when running between wickets.

  • Hamstring tears are characterised by a sudden onset of pain in the back of the thigh and can often lead to multiple games missed.

Stress fractures of the lower back

  • This is common in young bowlers who have a large training and playing schedule. It often occurs on the non-bowling arm side, in the lower back.

  • The vertebrae in the lower back are exposed to repetitive high force movement, which is too much for the bones to handle. This can lead to microfractures in the bone, this injury can lead to a significant amount of time off the sport.

Side abdominal Strain

  • This often effects fast pace bowlers and involve the oblique muscles.

  • These injuries often occur during the bowling action, when the bowler bends to the side and contracts these muscles to generate force through the shoulder and arm.

Shoulder pain

  • Shoulder pain often develops due to the repetitive throwing and bowling.

  • The rotator cuff muscles can be overused and which can cause inflammation and micro-tears.

Sprained ankle

  • Ankle injuries are common in sport and frequently happen in cricket due to the fast turning and cutting.

Managing your injuries

  • Load management. Monitor your workload to try and avoid developing an overuse injury.

  • Don’t ignore those little niggles, pushing through pain can make the injury worse.

  • Ensure adequate recovery.

  • Warm up and cool down properly.

  • Wear the correct protective equipment.

  • Maintain good lower limb, upper limb and core strength.

  • Slowly introduce technique changes to batting and bowling.

Change of season and sport increases the risk of injury. If you notice a little ‘niggle’ it is important to address it early with one of our Physiotherapists to prevent the injury developing. 


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