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Symmetry Physio - Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How much should I bowl at Cricket?

Cricket - How much should I bowl at Cricket?

Bowling guidelines

Bowlers especially fast bowlers have more injuries than all other cricketing positions. Cricket Australia has developed recommendations to help reduce the risk of injury and enhance the bowling development of junior cricketers both in game and training sessions.

Current research suggests that the total number of deliveries bowled in a week is closely linked to the potential for injury.

The recommendations were developed with weekly club/ school cricket in mind and they are not necessarily appropriate for junior cricket carnivals, which may have children playing multiple days of cricket consecutively.

It should also be noted that coaches, administrators and parents should be aware of the training workloads and any other competition playing commitments, in the 2–3 days leading up to and immediately after the aforementioned competitions/ junior carnivals.

For more information check out Bowling Guidelines from Cricket Australia. 

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