The benefits of warming up prior to training sessions or matches are well documented.

With the beginning of the winter sports season upon us, we thought it would be prudent to review a variety of warm up programs specific to sport codes.


Our first program, the FIFA11+, is an injury-prevention program designed by FIFA’s medical research centre collaborating with professionals, was developed for individuals aged 14 and above. Research into the program shows an increase in performance in essential soccer skills such as agility, balance and strength whilst at the same time reducing the prevalence of injuries by 39%.

The program takes approximately 20 minutes and requires no extra equipment. They divide the program into three separate components. These are:

Running Exercises—8 minutes.

Encompassing cutting, change of direction, decelerating and proper landing techniques.

Strength, Plyometrics, and Balance—10 minutes.

Focus on core strength, eccentric control, and proprioception.

Within this level section, there are three levels for each exercise. This increases the difficulty of each exercise, allowing individuals to progress through the program.

Running exercises—2 minutes.

High-speed and change-of-direction running.

9 weeks

Research has found significantly better neuromuscular control (quicker stabilisation time of lower extremity and core) in players after 9 weeks of FIFA 11+ program. Further studies have shown better hamstring/quads strength ratios, improved jumping and agility skills and superior static/dynamic balance.

FIFA11+ Workbook
FIFA11+ Cards

They designed the program modified from the original, for children under the age of 14. Research has shown the FIFA 11+ Kids program to improve motor skills and agility, dynamic balance, jumping power and technical skills.

Using any highly developed and researched program is a great starting point for any coach or trainer. For inexperienced coaches they give great guidance and provide a base from which to start.

FIFA11+ Kids

For further information about the FIFA 11+ program or instruction on how to run the warm-up contact one of our Physiotherapists at Symmetry Physiotherapy.