Meet Sam Shearer.

Sam is a physiotherapist with Symmetry Physiotherapy Hoppers Crossing.

As you will see, Sam has recently undergone a knee reconstruction. So we thought we could all learn from watching Sam as her recovers and gets back on his feet.

First days after surgery.

The first few days after surgery are often the hardest to get through due to the effects of general anaesthesia, higher pain levels and an general loss of function. The goal is often to manage swelling and pain rather than make significant improvements in function. Here Sam discusses his experience after surgery and how he has been keeping busy, or not so busy…

Insides Sam’s knee.

Sam gives us an inside look of his knee and talks us through the two tears which have been repaired. There are two main types of surgery for meniscus tears; a meniscectomy (removal of the meniscus tear) or a meniscal repair. To find out more about the pros and cons of each surgical option click the link here.

Motivational struggles during rehab.

The week feels like they are dragging on and Sam’s motivation levels for rehab are really low. Being unable to drive means he can’t make it to the Hoppers Crossing gym as often as he would like and my home program of exercises is becoming boring and repetitive. It’s common for most people rehabbing injuries to go through periods of decreased motivation, particularly when progress is slow. Here Sam discusses a few strategies he is going to attempt to try get things back on track.


With pools reopening Sam is keen to incorporate some hydrotherapy into his rehabilitation program and hopefully rejuvenate his motivation levels. Hydrotherapy can be a great alternative or addition to land based rehabilitation for multiple reasons, which Sam discusses here.