Our dietitians share 5 tips for managing your nutrition during COVID19

  • Make a healthy food environment: prioritise having healthy foods around you. This might mean a fruit bowl, frozen veggies in the freezer and portion-controlled snacks ready to go. If you have tempting foods in the house and find yourself over-consuming, it might be a good idea to reduce how much you purchase these foods whilst you are home more.
  • Enjoy mealtimes: Set up your meal times so you are enjoying your food away from distraction such as work, computers or the TV. Allow 20-30 minutes for your meal and take time to chew and eat slowly.
  • Adjust food intake if outputting less: If you are no longer going to the gym or clocking up as much incidental activity you may be over-consuming energy. Listen to your hunger cues and you may end up reducing how many times each day you need to eat. Fill your plate with lots of vegetables (cooked fresh or salads) to fill you up.
  • Don’t overload supplements: It can be tempting to load up on supplements and products which claim to boost immunity, but this is largely marketing. No supplements have been proven to be effective against the Covid-19 virus, however good immune function stems from prioritising healthy foods and eating enough food, hydration, exercise, good sleep and stress management. This is a time to nurture yourself, not opt for strict regimes or diet plans.
  • Ensure good hydration throughout the day as we often confuse hunger and thirst signals. Have a bottle of water in front of you to remind you to sip throughout the day and consume herbal teas, green or black tea if you find it hard drinking water with the cooler weather.

If you are seeking personalised advice, our dietitians can offer Telehealth consults via phone or video appointments.

Dietitian Altona Meadows
Dietitian Hoppers Crossing

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