Did you Ride2Work today?


National Ride2Work Day

National Ride2Work Day is Australia’s largest celebration of commuter riding. Held annually in October, the day celebrates the benefits of riding to work and brings together the communities that support it.

Being part of Ride2Work Day helps people who have never commuted by bike before to give it a go, and allows regular riders to stay motivated and encourage their workmates to get involved.

10 Benefits of riding of riding/cycling…
  1. Zero emissions
  2. Improve cardiovascular fitness and relieve stress
  3. Strengthen muscle
  4. Save money
  5. Improve mental health and relieve stress
  6. Reduce effects of diabetes and high blood pressure
  7. Improve joint strength, stability and bone density
  8. Improve balance and co-ordination
  9. Weight control
  10. Strengthen the immune system

So get on your bike and get riding!!