Thinking about improving you diet?


Thinking of overhauling your health for 2020?

Our dietitian has 3 tips to help you improve your nutrition for 2020 and beyond!
  1. Avoid the diet cycle: Keto? Fasting? Paleo? Atkins? We have good data to show that these diets all fail in the long term and being too restrictive with food can do more damage to your health than good. Focus on the five food groups (vegetables, fruit, wholegrains, dairy and lean meats and alternatives) and emphasise more of the foods that should be in your diet.
  2. Pack in the vegetables! Only 5% of Australians eat the recommended 5 serves of vegetables each day. Veggies are packed full of nutrients which help with energy levels, immune function and decreasing inflammation. Try including spinach and tomato at breakfast, a large serve of leafy salads and soups at lunch and aiming for 3 different vegetables at dinner.
  3. Beware of health halo’s: Gluten free? Refined sugar free? No cholesterol? Some marketing claims on food can make us believe that processed foods like chips, biscuits or protein bars are good for us, but the food is still processed and low in nutrients. Try including more wholefoods such as legumes, nuts, fruits, fermented dairy and seafood.

Unsure of how to make changes with your diet? Book an appointment with one of the Symmetry dietitians to see how they can help you.


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