Mens Health Week is all about encouraging the males in your life to put their health and well being first.

Putting Mens Health First

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5 tips to help keep you in tip-top shape


The most underrated of all the pointers here, and that’s why it’s number one the list! Diet and exercise often get spoken about, but new evidence is suggesting sleep or lack of, could be a bigger indicator of physical performance. Lack of sleep will significantly increase the risk for lifestyle diseases and cancer. Your physical and mental performance will also reduce, so get your 8 hours plus in, and make time for sleep.


Fuel for your body! The phrase ‘you are what you eat’ isn’t far off. There are a lot of documentaries coming out at the minute and a lot of different opinion’s flying around about what makes up a healthy diet. But the best piece of advice is to keep it simple. Have a balanced diet and you won’t go far wrong.  Eat more vegetables, reduce your portion sizes if you are prone to going overboard, reduce processed foods, salt and sugar intake. Also, reducing soft drink can be a simple way to lose weight and control sugar intake. If you can cut your Alcohol consumption it may also help, nothing wrong with enjoying a cheeky beer or wine, but overindulging can be costly to your health. Similar with smoking—even if you’re only a casual smoker, every cigarette you don’t smoke is doing you good.


Find time for some in your daily routine.  150- 300 minutes of moderate activity a week, will reduce your risk of lifestyle diseases. Not only that, but you will feel better, look better and reduce your risk of injuries. Exercise is also a crucial part of maintaining your weight. Once you put weight on, your chances of getting low back pain or knee pain skyrocket. So, find some time to get regular exercise into your day, it can be as simple as going for a walk.


Men can have real trouble asking for help or booking an appointment to improve their health. Be more open to seeking medical help- e.g.  G. P, physio, psychologist etc. Catching any health concern early can give you a much better chance of a positive outcome. Remember; find time to put your health first and if you are in doubt- get it checked out. Too many men have a ‘bulletproof attitude’. Traditionally women seem to be better and more proactive with their health, so it is time for us men caught up!


More and more people today realise they are not okay and are speaking up about mental health. You can too! Just being more open to talking about problems including depression, anxiety and stress can help to educate and shed light on a problem that affects so many.  Stereo typically women are better at talking about and addressing these kinds of issues, but again, men can bridge the gap, and it starts by having a conversation.

Mens Health Week is all about putting your health and well-being first, gentlemen. It can be tough to make time for yourself, but it’s important that you do. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help get you started on the right track. If you want to take things one step further, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us. We can help you create a personalized plan that will have you looking and feeling your best in no time. Thanks for reading and stay healthy!

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Jacob Hatcher

Physiotherapist, Symmetry Hoppers Crossing