Your Physiotherapist is here to get your rehab back on track.

Symmetry has got your rehab back on track.

With isolation having gone on for a while now, a lot of rehabilitation programs have comprised Netflix, Stan, Disney + or YouTube. While these rehab programs feel great in the short term, there’s not a lot of scientific evidence for their effectiveness in the long term for injury recovery… All jokes aside, if the recent changes to your lifestyle with isolation have reduced how often you do your rehab, or in you stopping altogether, you’re not alone. Motivation to keep on top of your rehab can be difficult to muster during times like these!Rehabilitation_at_home

My biggest piece of advice to getting back on track is to establish a routine!!! This has always been important, but more so now than ever. Giving structure to your day will help you not only stay on course in your rehab but also be more productive in all other aspects of daily life. Start by making a consistent bedtime and wake up time. Then fill in the day with time slots for leisure, exercise, rehab, etc.

Something is better than nothing.

Even if you can only complete some of your exercises, or a smaller amount of all of them, this will at least prevent large steps backwards and maintain your current level of function! If you still find yourself behind in your rehab, try to remind yourself of your goals and what you were working toward in the beginning. It can be as big or as small as you like, but keep that goal in mind. If it’s a large goal, break it down into smaller bite-sized pieces.

This is where we can help.

Your physiotherapist is equipped with skills to assess your current function and use this information to plan a course of action to get you back on track toward your goals. You may have lost some flexibility, mobility or strength in the time since isolation started (watching all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies back to back on the couch unfortunately doesn’t count as exercise, even if it gets the heart pumping). So it is important to find the right (re)starting point to regain these losses!

Symmetry Physiotherapy is open and ready to provide assessments and treatment in the clinic, or remotely via TeleHealth. Your physiotherapist can provide guidance on restarting or progressing your rehabilitation program using the PhysiApp application, which provides you with videos, descriptions and guidance on how and when to complete the exercises. Easy!

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