The holiday period is over, and it’s time to return to your everyday routine.


Returning to training after the holiday period.

The holiday period is over, and it’s time to return to your everyday routine.

This often includes getting back into your exercise program after spending some (or all) of the last few weeks relaxing!

To ensure you return safely with no injuries or suboptimal fitness levels for everyday life post-vacation make sure these tips are considered!


Start slowly and plan carefully

Take time after the break to figure out where your body is now and listen carefully. If something feels too difficult, take it down a notch until you feel comfortable again. There is no need for any sudden surprises during workouts!

Gradually build back up over 1-2 weeks based on how long your rest has been since the last session/training cycle began.


Stop Comparing

To make sure you’re still improving and haven’t lost any fitness progress, it’s best not to compare your current level of performance with what was possible in the past.

Don’t compare yourself to where you were before your break or even 6 months ago.

This extends to what others; friends, family and rivals are doing. Focus on what you are doing and what feels comfortable now.



Staying hydrated is key for optimal metabolism and it can actually help to curb your appetite.

Our bodies are made of 50-65% water, it makes sense to drink a minimum of 2 to 2.5-litres per day.

Water helps flush excess sodium from the body, aids in de-bloating, and also helps to get things moving in our digestive systems to relieve constipation.


Rest and Recovery

It’s important to take care of your body after a workout.

Offset an intense workout session with a day of rest or light activity, such as a walk around your local park.

Rest and recovery promote blood circulation throughout muscles helping them recover and allowing you to get back into shape quickly.


Before beginning a new exercise routine or even resuming one after a long break, check with your doctor or physio to be sure you are aware of any risk factors and your program is appropriate for your level of fitness.

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