7 tips to ensure your body stays in one piece as you get back to the gym over the next few weeks.


Just like you are, Symmetry Physio is very excited to see gym’s re-opening and the community getting active again. June 22nd will see lots of people wanting to hit those weights, jump on the treadmill, or hit the boxing bags. 

However, you might find your body is not as strong and fit compared to when gyms were open back in March. You might even have a few aches and pains. 

The temptation is to jump back, do 5 workouts in 5 days and get a sweat up. But I am sure we can agree that nothing would be worse than for you to get back just to hurt yourself.  

Preventing injuries is an enormous part of what a physio does, so we have developed some ideas that can help our clients stay safe returning to the gym. 

Below are 7 tips that will help you ensure the body stays in one piece getting back to the gym over the next few weeks. 

  1. Address any aches/pains that may worsen with training by seeing a physio.
  2. Ensure a good warm-up before you train.
  3. Be humble and don’t try to lift your personal best weights straight away. 
  4. Focus on good form/technique rather than ‘smashing your workout.’
  5. Plan rest days & different types workouts on consecutive days to prevent overuse.
  6. Listen to your body during and after you train. If you’re sore, recover then build back into it. 
  7. Enjoy the feeling of being back at the gym, not on racing towards your fitness goals you haven’t achieved yet.


Over the next few weeks we will provide more posts so you can feel confident you can stay injury-free returning to the gym.

Symmetry Physiotherapy has practices across Melbourne with physiotherapy and other allied health professionals knowledgeable in exercise-related injuries. If you have an injury or pain that is holding you back from your health and fitness goals, contact us.

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