As we have come out of lockdown and headed into the holiday period, you may find your fitness and health routines have taken a back seat. With all the rushing to shop and catch up with family and friends, time can become a precious commodity.


Tips to get your exercise in while on holidays.

If you are fortunate enough to be heading away maintaining, your exercise routine can be challenging when you don’t have access to your usual equipment.

With a little ingenuity, or dare we say pivoting (ha-ha), it is possible to fit in an exercise routine whilst away.



For those who don’t have access to a cardio machine over the holidays, the solution is straightforward.

Do your cardio routine the old-fashioned way and go outside for a walk or run.

After a big meal, a walk in the cool of the evening is a good way to walk off Christmas dinner.

A morning run or walk before the day gets too hot is also good to burn off those excess calories.

Get on your bike, the whole family can join in and get out on their bikes.



It’s tough to take a weight training routine on the road.

It just isn’t practical to pack heavy dumbbells into your luggage and there’s no guarantee that your holiday destination will have alternatives.

Resistance bands (thera bands) may not provide the same heavy lifting workout as dumbbells, but they offer something similar in a lightweight form that can fit into the palm of your hand.

Our staff has developed a simple home workout that anyone can do anywhere. The benefits of keeping active are wide reaching, including physical and mental. So, crank up the music, grab your theraband and spend the time looking after yourself.

Theraband workout you can do at home



When travelling, it’s difficult to maintain your fitness routine.

Rather than putting pressure on yourself to maintain your usual program, think about what you can do where are or where you are going too. Planning and adapting to your surrounds mean you can always incorporate exercise into your days.

You don’t need a ton of space or heaps of equipment. Simple exercise like push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jack or lunges can provide a great workout.



We all know how to find anything and everything online now a days. YouTube, APPs, Websites, there are so many ways to find exercise programs.

Symmetry Physiotherapy has a YouTube channel providing exercise, warm up and stretching videos all free to access. Exercise while on holidays with Symmetry Physiotherapy…

Symmetry YouTube




The holidays are a time where people tend to get caught up in their family obligations and enjoy bonding with loved ones. But for those who work out, it can be hard make room for all these extra commitments when there just isn’t enough hours during the week!

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, be mindful that some days you may not want to exercise, or your time just disappears. You are on holidays you need to allow yourself some time to rest and recuperate from a stressful year.

Enjoy your holidays, exercise while on holidays, keep it simple and doable. Head into the new year feeling refreshed…

The Team at Symmetry Physiotherapy