Symmetry Dietitian Lauren Manning gives us her top 5 tips to survive the party season.

Top 5 tips for Surviving the Silly Season

1. Organise your time.

Sit down with a planner for the month and know exactly when your social obligations are (functions, family obligation etc). Now, plan your exercise sessions and food shopping days around this. This will help to make sure you don’t miss exercise and that you have made the time to prepare and organise healthy meals for the week. A few hours of planning and prepping will ensure you are on track for the week. Schedule it so you commit to it.

2. Don’t over or under compensate for treat food.

Aim to keep your food intake as usual as possible. Making drastic changes to your diet is where things can go pear-shaped. Under-consuming food early in the day can lead to over-consuming food later in the day. This can have a follow-on effect on the next day which starts an unhealthy cycle for the month. Enjoy a treat and move on!

3. Stay accountable.

People often worry they will gain weight over the holidays but keeping yourself accountable is key. This could be a weekly weigh in or simply trying on an outfit you want to wear for a special occasion. Tracking your food intake for a few days can also help ensure you aren’t letting extra snacks or treats become too frequent. I often encourage people to set the goal of maintaining their weight over the holidays – it can be much more realistic and achievable than trying to lose weight at this time of year.

4. Don’t detox.

It is important to enjoy the festive season but if you feel as though you have blown out the best thing to do is get back to your usual routine. Have regular meals, stay hydrated and keep your body moving. Avoid detoxes which advocate shakes, cutting out food groups, fasting or promising quick weight loss as these can prolong the cycle of poor energy levels and overeating.

5. Hydrate

This is one you have probably heard over and over, but it is crucial. We often mistake hunger cues for thirst so sipping on water throughout the day will heap to curb extra snacks and overeating. Remember that tea, coffee, soups and watery fruit or vegetables all contribute to your overall fluid intake. Keep a bottle of water with you (on your desk or in the car) to remind you to keep sipping.



Christmas day comes once a year! It is a day for celebration, food and festivity. Enjoy your favourite foods and a drink to go with it. So enjoy your Christmas and have a wonderful and safe holiday.


Lauren Manning
Dietitian – Symmetry Physiotherapy