Keeping our tradies healthy.

Tradies National Health Month

Like any professional sport player who relies on their body to play, a Tradie relies on their body to work. A tradies body is their primary work tool and shoulder be looked after just as much as they may look after their power tools or utes!

The most common area for injuries for tradies occur in the back, shoulder, knees and ankles.

If you are a tradie the best way you can look after your health and prevent injury risk is to:

  • Warm up each morning
  • Pace your workload throughout the day
  • Communicate well with your workmates
  • Assess the environment for hazards or risks prior to working, discuss concerns or say no if you are feeling uneasy about a situation, environment or task
  • Use good postures, techniques, assistance and equipment for lifting or moving objects, have a wide base of support and keep the load close to your body
  • Be flexible and strong with adequate cardiovascular fitness as you are fit to do your job
  • Seek advice from your physiotherapist if you are experiencing any persistent aches or pains before it gets bad enough to stop you from continuing work.

A physiotherapist can help you prevent or manage injuries. They can help you with your fitness, flexibility and strength so you are working optimally and importantly get home every afternoon safe, well and ready for the next days work.


Kim Garland 
Symmetry Physiotherapy