Exciting news as our Clinical Rehab program is re-opening across our clinics.

What is Clinical Rehab?

Clinical Rehab is an exercise class using a mixture of specialised Pilates equipment, weights and gym equipment. If you are new to Symmetry Physiotherapy or Clinical Rehab, a physiotherapist first performs a thorough clinical examination to determine your diagnosis and body parts to target. They then develop a program is with exercises selected especially for you based on your goals. They also supervise the class to ensure you are performing them with the correct technique. Under current guidelines our classes sizes will be a maximum of 3 clients to 1 therapist, with each client performing their own individual routine at their own level.

Who is it for?

Clinical Rehab is for everyone! From 16-year-old to 90-year-old men and women! Reasons people might attend sessions include:

– Post surgical rehabClinical Rehab Symmetry Physiotherapy
– Pre or post-natal women
– Lower back and neck pain
– Hip or knee pain
– To improve posture
– To improve muscle strength and endurance
– Rehab for runners, cyclists, dancers or other athletes who are suffering from pain or want to improve their performance
– Those with neurological conditions (MS, Stroke, Parkinson’s)
– To improve balance and co-ordination

Why should I do Clinical Rehab?

Clinical Rehab is great because there is such a variety of exercises. There are gentle exercises for those just recovering from surgery, or the older population. However, don’t think these sessions are easy!! These top level exercises can be challenging for those who really want to improve their strength and endurance! The exercises focus on building strength and improving functional capacity If you have a strong stable base (i.e. your core) then doing other activities whether it be running, lifting your kids, doing the gardening—all become easier. There are a range of exercises that focus on all other muscle groups too.

Clinical rehab can be a great addition to your rehabilitation program.

Want to find out more?

Your physiotherapist can discuss with you if our program is appropriate for your rehabilitation and health goals. Chat with them at your next appointment.

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