Working from home giving you a sore neck?

Symmetry_Physiotherapy_workstation_assessmentsWith the current COVID-19 situation, working from home has become the new norm. For most people this is a first time experience and not all are set up correctly to work at home. We have all seen the news with people walking out of shops with new computers, desks and office chairs. But how do you know that your current setup is right for you?

Whether you are an employee or employer, you should aim to ensure yours or your employees’ workspace is safe. A poorly set up workstation can play a significant role in the development of many preventable musculoskeletal disorders including neck and back pain, shoulder and arm pain, headaches and repetitive injury strains. Sitting for long periods each day has been shown to have catastrophic effects on health and wellbeing, putting workers at increased risk of diabetes, heart conditions, obesity, stroke, as well as postural muscle aches and pains.

Workstation Assessments

Symmetry Physiotherapy is excited to offer online Workstation Assessments which help you understand the effect of your working environment on your body and ensure your setup is the most appropriate for you and your work.

During the assessment we will discuss any specific issues you are having and provide a personalised management plan for you. This will include a stretching or alternative exercise program tailored to your needs using our Physitrack App. This exercise and education program platform let us check your exercises and even set reminders to incorporate them into your day.

Book online today to arrange an assessment and ensure your workstation is tailored correctly for you.

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